Water show : сценическое шоу и спецэффекты от Splash-Show Киев

Water show

 Water Screen. Use of water as the screen for a projection images is very effective scenographic reception, which have powerful emotional effect on spectators. The structure of the image on a vertical water wall reminds the live carpet, sparkling under video or laser beams. Suddenly occurrence and disappearance water screen’s gives the chance to create images imperceptibly disappearing. It seems that they coming up from water environment, and it perceived by spectators as a magic element.

Musical Fountains. Innovative development of our company is mobile Lumiere fountains, which can be installed in any place (concert halls, show-rooms, parks, waters etc.) for the necessary time. In the day time this constructions are interesting by these gydroplastic and image and in the night - delight visitors illuminated original show.