Serpentine : сценическое шоу и спецэффекты от Splash-Show Киев


Serpentine is narrow long stripes of various colors from paper or foil. The length of stripes can be from 5 to 20 meters. Airgun and serpentine create the effect of slowly falling curtain from colorful tapes.

Metofan foil or paper rectangles in the size 15х40 mm and thickness to 30 mm. Storm from shining petals, launched with a blaster, adding conviviality to any event.

Confetti bright, colorful paper circles or strips in size 15-40 mm. can be made in other forms: hearts, butterflies, stars, etc. Slowly soaring confetti blown by confetti-machine, transform a usual holiday into a fairy tale.

Pneumosalut thanks to absolute fire safety is the best alternative to traditional day salute in the closed premise. But not less entertainment pneumosalut will look on the open areas.

Airgun throws out bright colorful tips of serpentine, shining spangles of confetti or metofan on the 50 m. high and accompanied by loud clap. Perfectly approaches for underlining the culmination moment of a holiday. The construction allows regulating the height and angle of slope.

Bluster creates sensation of a snow storm from shining, colorful confetti, which after shoot hung in the air for a long time and then slowly falling on the ground. The construction can be installed as in big closed premises and on the open areas (f.e stadiums, city square, etc.). The height of thrown out confetti stream is15-25 m, and period of continuous release is nearly 60 seconds.

Confetti-machine is uses for achievement of confetti slowly soaring effect for more long time, and has not any restrictions for size apartments or outdoor stage. The construction can blow the confetti for a long time on height to 10 meters.

Confetti spreader makes circular (360 °) confetti emission in the color or flickering fountain, and it is a perfect decision for limited space. Speed of emission is corrected by pacemaker or DMX panel. The spread diameter can make 3-5 meters. The construction cans throw out confetti, artificial snow and metofan.