A rain generator, effect of a wind, fire imitation, heavenly lanterns : сценическое шоу и спецэффекты от Splash-Show Киев

A rain generator, effect of a wind, fire imitation, heavenly lanterns

Heavenly lanterns
are construction of different shapes and size, made from special ecologic material the torch established below, warms up air into lantern, lifts it upwards and effectively highlights from within creating a mysterious aura. The flight constitutes approximately 20 minutes, in this time the lanterns rise on height to 100 meters. From the earth you can observe the bright shine point plying on the sky.



A rain effect
produced by means of the special panel which works on principle of spray droplets. It uses as background in surveying time of film or show. Depending on a task, construction can cover the area from 2 to 8 meters and allows regulating intensity and rain density.


A wind effect with the help of blowing machine the directed air stream is blown, allow creating the effect of waving in the wind hair or dress of actress (model) and blowing up scenic fabric decorations (back, slips or sails). That very much recovers space, gives dynamism to all action.


Flame imitation constructions which imitate a flame are very effective decor to any celebration, in places where a live fire is foreboded, f.e exposition, small stage, shop show-window, restaurant interior, etc.


Pyrotechnic effect



is used for displaying video and images. The projection to the screen is carried out the same as on any usual. And image is accessible to perception even at usual daylight, but the quality of images improves at the reduced light. The screen is a self-contained unit 2x2 m. Works on usual water, it is suitable to use practically in any conditions. It uses as multimedia show in showrooms, television programs, fashion shows, corporate events, etc.