Water Screen : сценическое шоу и спецэффекты от Splash-Show Киев

Water Screen

Water curtain
Water submitted to the hollow farm of pool, through the special system of sprayers which forming narrowly focused jets, vertically downwards back in pool. There from on the closed contour it arrives again in the top part of system. For maintenance of system work is used the pump which lifts water and create pressure for formation more dense water wall produces the “water screen”.

 Technical rider of water curtain

Water screen
Water is sprayed not from top to down, but from bottom to upwards and in the sideward by means of a powerful submersible pump and a special disk sprayer. The bilge of water screen can lie at the bottom of a reservoir (f.e huge fountain) or to swim in water by means of special bearing pontoons. The sprayer can be established over the water surface or lifted above by means of extending nozzles.

 Technical rider of water screen